The Top 3 Websites Offering Free Stock Images for Your Marketing Affairs

Apart from writing a high-quality article, adding a photo on the blog enhances readers’ attention on it. Writing a full-text article without adding photos makes it boring. Essentially, incorporating images in your writings boost your site traffic by enhancing readers’ engagement. Readers always spend more time on sites with images than on those without one.

With this in mind, if you are looking for more shares and engagement, having photos on your posts is not an exception. Accordingly, to successfully market your products and services online, you have to upload their photos and images.

However, taking photos may be a tedious job particularly if you do not have a camera with quality resolution or have never done photography before.  Fortunately, there are free stock image sites where you can easily get photos for your marketing purposes. Here are the top 3:

  • Startup Stock photos

This is a free stock photo site that has images in the tech industry. Some of the pictures you can find here include those of start-ups, offices, and boardrooms among others. As a marketer dealing with tech products or office accessories, Startup Stock Photos is a good site to obtain free images.

Also, the site does not have restrictions or attribution requirements. Therefore, you can use images from this platform without a need to seek for copyrights. However, they request the photo users to support the creators.

  • Iwaria

Are you a marketer focusing on selling your products in Africa or looking on to sell African foods and accessories? If your answer is yes, Iwaria is the best free stock photos site for you. Iwaria stocks images from African continent ranging from cities, wildlife, foods, landscape, and other attractive features.

 As you know, people will always go for products that relate to their culture and identity. Hence, if you are targeting the African market Iwaria is there to support your mission through offering relevant free images for your marketing campaigns.

  • Travel Coffee Book

If you own a tours and travel company or are looking forward to marketing travel writing services, Travel Coffee Book is the site for you. This site offers free travel images obtained from photographers across the world. One of the benefits of using this free stock photos site is that they have images with a high-resolution.

Each image comes with a link to OneDrive – a virtual storage with original images as uploaded by the creator. Upon downloading the photos, you can modify them depending on your marketing needs.


As seen, you do not have to be a professional photographer to develop outstanding marketing presentation images. The free stock photos websites offer you a variety of images to choose from when developing marketing posts or presentations.

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