Top 3 License Conditions You Should Know When Getting Free Images for Your Website and Blog

Like any other content, there are copyright rules that protect the usage of pictures. The rules give total control to the creator on duplicating and usage of their images. However, it does not mean that you have to seek a creator if you want to use a particular photo. Each image comes with a license that relays on its usage and limitations. The creator is the one responsible for setting up rules on how interested persons such as bloggers, web designers, and online marketers should use their images.

In this essence, as a webpreneur or blogger, you need to be aware of various conditions attached to free images. Here are the top three:

  •  Attribution requirements

Even though they are free for use, some images come along with attribution requirements. For you to use such images, you must give credit to the creator. Most of the original creators require you to use a link attribution upon using their images. The attribution aims at popularizing the creators and recognizing their efforts. Failure to do this would be a breach of the copyright rules.

  • Type of use

Apart from attribution requirements, some creators limit you on how you can you use their images. Some images are made for non-commercial use only while others are restricted to commercial purposes. As a website owner, a blogger or an online marketer, you need to check on the condition of the type of use specified in a particular image license before using it on your site.  Importantly, you need to understand various terms utilized in the free image conditions to ensure they are inline with the purpose of use.

  • Modification

As a blogger, you may find a picture that does not fit your purpose and decide on modifying it. However, some image licenses restrict you for editing or creating a new image from the original one. As such, you need to check whether the current license attached to your image of choice has an allowance for editing or modifying it.


When selecting free images for your website or blog, you need to find out the conditions on their licenses.  You need to check on the attribution requirements, whether the images are made for use in commercial or non-commercial purposes and if you are around to modify them or not.  Being on par with these conditions will help you get free images for your blog easily.

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