Which Photography Websites Are Best For Reusable Images

When you are publishing content on the web, it is important to use high resolution images. These pictures serve as a major part of the blog or website as they are much better at giving someone an accurate idea of what you are trying to say than a thousand-word article would. Pictures can convey the message to those who are not fond of reading or have trouble going through longer text.

Pictures are valuable for any business and free stock photos can add worth to a blog without any added costs. They are an important part of the layout and serve as the background for the pages or important quotes. Pictures of good quality are available on photography websites and can make a huge difference on the impact it gives to anyone who visits the page.

There are many sources where you can find images for commercial use without having to spend a lot of money. In most cases the images are public domain and can be reused by anyone for free. There are some terms and conditions involved which should be read carefully before uploading a photo to your website. Some photography websites templates require you add some value to the image before you reuse it.

Listed below are some websites that allow you to use their images for free or at reasonable rates.

  • Teachers Pay Teachers: This website has individual sellers who put up clip art for download to teachers and education professionals. Most of them offer reasonable prices and all art is child friendly.
  • Teacher’s Notebook: This is another resource for teachers and has sellers offering many educational images for commercial use.
  • Etsy: It has many artists from around the world selling pictures for photography websites at low prices
  • Adobe Stock: This section of the website has a large collection of free stock images present. If you want to print the images, then you should also buy an Extended License.
  • Shutterstock: This has many vector graphics and photos on their website you can use for photography websites templates.
  • iStockPhoto: You can get any type of pictures and illustrations from this photography website for your use.
  • Fotolia: A collection of 63 million images for commercial use are present on this website which can be taken without having to pay royalties.
  • GraphicStock: A large collection of images and vector graphics are present on the website and they can be purchased for a very reasonable yearly fee.
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